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Our Story


Aboyne Bike Park

There would be no Tarland Trails without the inspiration and efforts of Dale Kitching and the original bike park committee.

Chris was inspired by the project and could see that a similar project would work in Tarland

Two options were put forward in Tarland - Alastrean Woods or Drummy Woods.  With a greater vertical descent Drummy was chosen!


Tarland Trails - Drummy Woods - Aka TT1

In June 2015 Tarland Trails Drummy Woods was open to the public for people to ride after 3 years of work to develop the project and secure £100,000 to build the facility.


Tarland Trails - Pittenderich - AKA TT2

Chris's original dream was for trails descending of the slopes of Pittenderich and Pressendye.  When Chris came to the development group he was encouraged to start small, see if it works, then develop the larger scale set of trails! Boy was Drummy Woods popular and the work began to develop Tarland Trails 2. Over 10 years in the making and more than £1,000,000 the trails at Pittenderich opened on Monday 10th April 2023.


Tarland Trails 2.1, 2.2, 2.3...

Future development of the trail centre facilities and expansion of trail nextwork...

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